5 Ways COVID Will Change Our Home Styles

14 May
5 Ways COVID Will Change Our Home Styles

As 2020 passed, we all started to get back to our Normal Routine happy lives.

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29 Apr
Is it wise to invest in a house during COVID-19?

The ongoing pandemic has created chaos in our lives.

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22 Apr
Be careful when you sign a tenancy agreement

When you shift to a new city, whether to study or work, the first thing you look for is an accommodation.

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19 Apr
All you should know about plywood

Look around your house. The ceiling, floor, furniture, cabinets; there would be at least one plywood-based structure.

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30 Mar
Let your balcony do the talking

Balconies are wonderful and versatile spaces that are commonly ignored and left as a storeroom.

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13 Mar
What defines a luxurious home?

Work can be exhausting with many brainstorming sessions and long, tiring hours.

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19 Feb
Chic decor ideas to set your home apart

With all the uncertainty that comes with moving into a new house, decorating can be dodgy as well

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11 Feb
Benefits that women homebuyers need to know!

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28 Jan
Can real estate help grow our economy in 2021?

One of the main takeaways from the chaotic year of 2020 is that having a roof over your head is a blessing. The best real estate builders in Zirakpur, Affinity Greens, invites you to explore their ...

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18 Jan
What makes Zirakpur an attractive destination for dwellers

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