Let your balcony do the talking

  1. 30 Mar
  2. Let your balcony do the talking By Affinity

Balconies are wonderful and versatile spaces that are commonly ignored and left as a storeroom. Is your balcony turning into one, too? From a reading corner to a small garden or a playroom to a bar, there are so many uses a balcony can serve if you have some brilliant ideas. At Affinity Greens, which has the best flats in Zirakpur, you get a spacious balcony for these ideas to come alive. So clear out your balcony, try out these creative decor designs and remodel your luxurious balcony into something fancy!


Go green

In flats, it is usually difficult to have a full-grown garden as there are space restrictions. But green spaces are essential in a home as plants purify the air and look pleasing to the eyes. Gardening is also medically proven to be therapeutic. A balcony is an ideal space for all who have a green thumb as it has ample fresh air and sunlight for the plants.


You can place your plants either vertically on the wall or line them up on the floor. A variety of pots, planters, racks, etc. is available these days; you can even make/paint your unique planters. From vibrant seasonal flowers to fresh organic herbs such as oregano, parsley, basil, etc., you can cultivate a tiny garden of your choice.


Additional room

As your family grows, the need for extra space will grow as well. Moving into a bigger house can be a solution, but is sometimes not possible financially. The only extra space in an apartment is the balcony and you can always turn it into an extension room.


Get weather-resistant furniture and make it a glass room with sliding glass windows. This way you get to enjoy the rain with closed windows during monsoon and the sun with open windows during winters. If you aren’t as excited about the weather, you can always transform the balcony into a study. All you need is a work table, chairs and a shelf for your books. If not a proper work table, floating desks can be used as well. You can even place a cosy couch in the corner for times when you want to read and not work.


Shindig space

Who doesn’t enjoy a private party pad at home? Your balcony can be the perfect place for a home bar and a barbeque. Make a custom shelf on one side of the wall, put up your liquor stock and speakers in the corner. Then place an elegant table in front of it with high chairs. You can either make the barbeque grill a centrepiece or keep it in the corner. Adding a few ottoman stools can always create more seating and with some fancy lightings, you’ll have the ultimate space for evening parties or noon brunches.


Rumpus room

Whether adults or children, games are a favourite recreational activity for both. For your children to have their own space to play, you can convert your balcony into a dedicated play area. Place a table with storage space for your kids’ toys and surround it with small chairs. Place a bench in one corner for yourself to relax while your children entertain themselves.


If you don’t have children, you can keep a foosball table as a permanent installation in the centre of your balcony. Maybe keep a table with shelves on one side to store games like monopoly, jenga, darts, etc. Get some swanky bean bags and modify your balcony into an exquisite game room.


R and R

Balconies can also be converted into a lounge area. Put up a hammock or a swing or maybe a sofa. Cover the floor with rugs and place fluffy cushions on one side. Make it as comfortable and enticing as you can with all the quirky elements you can think of. Scented candles, wind chimes, string lights etc. will enhance the charm of your balcony. Create your own leisure zone for relaxing on stressful days or use it for meditation.


The extravagant balconies at Affinity Greens by the best real estate builders in Zirakpur, will tempt you to use your creative skills and turn this space into your favourite place in the house. Don’t believe us? Visit Affinity Greens and see for yourself.

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