5 Ways COVID Will Change Our Home Styles

  1. 14 May
  2. 5 Ways COVID Will Change Our Home Styles By Affinity

As 2020 passed, we all started to get back to our Normal Routine happy lives. We never knew, 2021 would attack us stronger than before, giving us the creepiest deeper wounds. COVID 19 pandemic is not going to end soon as the Third wave projected by the year-end. Countries are introducing strict measures restricting movements, urging people to stay home, work remotely, and spend their beautiful moments, special occasions at home only.


Your home is now a lot more than a theatre, gym, office, library, restaurant, and a fun zone for kids. Working, paying online, ordering food, shopping, or getting around - the COVID-19 crisis has restrained us to remain in our cocoons and adopt the lifestyle changes.


Contrary to the times, when people used to come home only for sleeping, Homes are now the places that are playing a greater role in our lives. Homes need to adapt, as they will cater to our Basic activities and entertain us by being a one-stop place for everything. With the new trends and concepts, here are a few pointers that highlight how the home designs/interiors must be recreated following COVID-19.


Adaptable Flexible Layouts


Homes are now hosting a wide range of activity spaces that certainly demand flexibility and adaptability. An innovative approach to adjust the designated Spaces and rooms will help transform and open plan the apartment accommodating many services and functions.


Private outdoor spaces


In the midst of a pandemic, a lockdown scenario is prevailing and People are confined in their Comfort safe zones. The situation can even intensify after this pandemic subsides.

As a result, every house now demands a private outdoor Space, to relax, inhale the fresh air, enjoy the greenery and at least enjoy a morning cup of coffee on your personalized private balcony.


Home offices


A productive workspace with an aura is all you need to work on when being occupied by toddlers. A functional private workspace with proper ventilation and conceptualized design is the prerequisite for remote working policy.


Air Purification System


Covid 19 has made us pay more attention to air quality. We are spending more time indoors while limiting ourselves to fresh air that comes inside. Air quality that we inhale will be the biggest concern coming by next year. Therefore, Air purification system that regularly take in outside air, re-condition it and supply the fresh air to the home Space may be installed as a new necessity.


Smart storage spaces


With shorter and less frequent trips outside, people now require more Smart storage spaces. Pantries are going to be larger with a good amount of stock to be stored. The space designs need to be more prominently designed, giving them some options of air, cold storage, etc.



As people are now being confined within their homes, Affinity greens has spotlighted the various new ways, that Homes can accommodate in this new, unforeseen era. We need to accept the new realities and bring in lifestyle changes. The changes are inevitable and compulsive for a healthy living. We care for you. Stay home; Stay safe in your personal happy places.

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