Benefits that women homebuyers need to know!

  1. 11 Feb
  2. Benefits that women homebuyers need to know! By Affinity

The domain of owning residential real estate, which once mainly belonged to men is now slowly witnessing the rise of women as potential buyers. With the growing women employment, their purchasing power has increased. As a result, women have become independent and started carving their path. Besides real estate, women are seen as worthy contenders in areas like sports, automobile, education etc.


When it comes to home, thinking of it gives us an instant emotion of relief. A sense of security and comfort, knowing that you’re the owner of that haven. As we’re progressing forward, women have realised the importance of independence in having a place of their own. So their position as home buyers in the real estate market has considerably increased.


With the effort and hard work women put in getting to a financially stable place where they can own a home of their own, Affinity Greens brings forth the 3BHK luxury flats in Zirakpur. Affinity understands that for these fearless women, the joy of owning a luxurious house with amenities like an exquisite clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium etc. is unsurmountable. Keeping that in mind, there are certain benefits the government and banks have also introduced to empower women to own properties of their own.


Tax perks-

Women enjoy a tax deduction on home loan repayment of up to Rs. 1.5 Lakh on their principal amount if they are the owner of the house. If the husband and wife are co-owners, they can both claim deductions of  Rs. 2 Lakh on the tax as their combined income assures more flexibility.


Stamp duty-

The stamp duty for women and men vary in different states. It is lesser for women than it is for men and the reduction often amounts to 1% to 2%. The fact whether the woman is a sole owner or a joint owner is inconsequential.


Interest rates-

Other than attractive offers and schemes, home loans for women come with a concession on the rate of interest which differs from bank to bank. This empowers working women as well as homemakers to move forward with buying a home. SBI has a scheme ‘Her Ghar’ which gives reduced interest rates on home loans, flexibility on repayment, less processing fee etc.,/P>  

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)-

The government’s scheme for PMAY makes housing affordable and compulsory for at least one female in the family to co-own the house. Under this scheme, women are the main beneficiaries and the favoured home buyers. Whether married or single, all women can apply for a PMAY home loan. The house which is solely owned by a woman can avail subsidy up to Rs. 2.67 Lakh.


Women today, have taken up different roles; whether it’s a single mother looking for a home close to her workplace and her child’s school, or a working woman looking for private space of her own. The soaring shift of women homebuyers has become considerably noticeable. Even though purchasing and then managing a house is not an easy task, women have become self-sustainable and well-versed with finance, enough to never depend on anyone.


For every woman, feeling stable, secure and comfortable at home is a priority. Merging all that and more, Affinity Greens introduces top 3BHK flats in Zirakpur, with facilities like a club house, green parks, jogging area, play area for children, parking space etc.


Visit Affinity Greens and buy a dream home that suits your independent style!

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