Chic decor ideas to set your home apart

  1. 19 Feb
  2. Chic decor ideas to set your home apart By Affinity

With all the uncertainty that comes with moving into a new house, decorating can be dodgy as well. Filling the space such that it reflects your character is a task which needs patience and planning. If you succeed in picking up the appropriate accessories, you’ll have a cosy, comfortable home. If not, your home will be a mix of colours and awkward furniture.


If you’re living in the best flats in Zirakpur by Affinity Greens, you need to design your home lavishly to sincerely appreciate the luxury of the place. The apartments in Zirakpur by Affinity Greens are capacious enough to give you the freedom to style it according to your personality. Aside from the general essence of the furniture, small things like wall art, colour palette, table accessories etc. count equally when it comes to designing.


Interior designing is fun but a tricky process. Those who are adept at design have it easy, others with limited knowledge have a difficult time. But either way, some professional help never hurts, especially when it comes to making your home a comfortable and welcoming space. Compiling some of the interesting ideas for you to remember when you move and decorate your luxury flat in Zirakpur -


Play with colours

The first thing anyone notices on entering the house is the colour on the wall. Choosing the proper colour palette is important to get the ambience right. Elegance is gained when you pick certain dramatic but soft and bold colours. Choose colours which are in tune with your personality as that will enhance the charm your house reflects on your guests. Black in certain areas is always a good option to add extra glamour to your house and portray a lavish feeling.


Texture is everything

The texture is an essential part of decorating a house. It involves all corners of the room, from the wall finishes to the floor carpeting. Elegant textures like rugs, marble tops, wood fixtures etc. add depth and instantly brightens up the rooms. Stone walls with contemporary furniture or minimalist designs, the right texture will give a warm feeling of welcome.


A snug reading corner

For those with a soft spot for words can dedicate one corner to reading. Design your bedroom, living room or maybe a spare room as a comfortable lounge area with pillows. Or if you have windows looking out to a magnificent view, put up a diwan or a couch and you can read while appreciating the view. You could dress your shelves with books and antiques to give your reading corner a rustic look.


Wall masterpiece

Empty walls never reflect a homely vibe. Put up some abstract artwork or picture frames or vibrant large-scale photographs to make a statement. Such accessories bring a luxurious touch to the room. Many even use different shaped mirrors or plates and create a unique design on the wall. Your wall masterpiece should make your guests admire it with awe.


Light up right

Light fixtures can buff up a place single-handedly. From floor lamps to overhead lighting, if chosen the right colour, the room will feel more polished and elegant. Colourful bright light bulbs like pink, orange, red etc. also add a quirky pop. You can place in the entrance or a hallway and add a neon vibe to your space.


Whether it’s choosing the right colour palette or adding unique fixtures in every room, decorating a home is slow but an exciting journey towards making your home comfortable. With the most luxurious residential project in Zirakpur, Affinity Greens, you get the space you need to use your signature style to design your home.


Visit Affinity Greens Zirakpur and Get your opulent home now and make it your chic paradise.

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