With the right wire, you can avoid an electrical fire!

  1. 20 Mar
  2. With the right wire, you can avoid an electrical fire! By Affinity

The current driving force of the Indian economy is infrastructure. Technological advancement in the real estate sector has spurred infrastructural growth. For any successful real estate project, it is imperative to meet all safety standards. Electrical wiring is one such technical aspect where no compromises can—and should not—be made.


We have all heard of accidental deaths due to electrocution or fire. The main cause of such unfortunate incidents is usually a short circuit. A majority of fire-breaking incidents in homes are caused due to damaged wiring. Also, many houses are still fitted with old kind of electrical wiring which is not compatible with today’s electronics such as laptops, microwaves, air conditioners, etc.


Getting the right wiring system in your house is necessary to avoid any electrical fire risks and other wiring problems such as:



An electric circuit may overload when multiple electronics are functioning—too many lights, vacuum cleaner, microwave, etc. Overloading causes pressure on the circuit which initiates a shutdown. The circuit breaker does prevent a house fire but it is better to manage the distribution of electricity efficiently around the house. Hence, it is recommended to limit usage to the assigned wattage.


Faulty lighting

With old wiring, the lights sometimes tend to flicker when the weather is bad. This creates a high risk of fire. Frayed wires are dangerous as they expose the live wire and pose a risk of electric shock. It must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid any mishap.


Circuit-breaker trips

The circuit breaker is installed to stop the short circuit from starting a fire. When the hot wire touches a neutral wire, a ‘hard short’ occurs which forces the circuit to trip. Many times, a short circuit is the outcome of a wiring problem with an electronic appliance plugged into the outlet across the circuit. Therefore, the tripping of the circuit breaker is a sign that your home is protected. Even so, if the circuit somehow keeps tripping, consult an electrician.


Electric shocks

Electric shocks can happen when the switch is either turned on or off. This can occur due to faulty wiring or defective electrical appliance. Old homes usually have this problem and it can cause a fire to break out. This is why using the right cable is vital for you to feel safe and secure in your own home.


Furthermore, if we follow some basic principles, we can reduce the risk of any such accident. Always unplug appliances when not in use, extension cords should be used sparingly and not on a regular basis. A three-pronged outlet is always better than a two-pronged one. Damaged wires of any appliance should always be replaced and the main electrical system of the house should be regularly updated.


Minimising any electrical fire risks, Affinity Greens has a concealed wiring system with fire-resistant wires. The property also has an interminable power back up so that you never have to go without electricity. Visit Affinity Greens  for the best of luxury & safety, and get the house of your dreams!

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