Buying a home while thinking of children

  1. 05 Mar
  2. Buying a home while thinking of children By Affinity

House hunting is a daunting process and even more so when you have children. You need to take extra measures to make sure the new home is a safe haven for your children. In addition to your requirements, you have to take into account your children’s needs and wants.


The challenges faced may differ from person to person, family to family; but the end-goal for everyone is to live in a comfortable, secure home. Whether you’re a family looking for more space or a young couple planning to procreate, keeping the following factors in mind when house hunting will guide you towards your dream home efficiently.


Nearest school:

The priority for any parent in regards to their children is their education. As a result, when looking for a home, nearby schools become a priority as well. Researching the prospective schools, colleges, etc. in the areas where you’re considering moving will guide you in narrowing your search for the appropriate house.



Neighbourhood plays an important role in a child’s life. Possible classmates, friends etc. as neighbours can prove to be influential on children. Hence, it is necessary to know the neighbourhood well before deciding to move into a new place.


House layout:

Moving into a new house also requires planning about the layout you would like your house to have. If your kids are young, you may require a spare room for when they grow up or if you have another child. The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, terrace, etc. are factors you need to keep in mind. Ensure your requirements are met before you finalize a new house.


Recreational amenities:

Recreational activities for children are necessary for their overall development. Many people may want a big yard in their house and some may prefer a playground in the neighbourhood. Art and craft, sports activities, swimming pool etc. are some of the things children look forward to in their free time. Be precise in your needs and that will help focus on the right kind of home for you and your children.


The safety of the children is of the utmost importance to parents. Ask around about the crime rates in the area. Be sure the property and the neighbouring society is safe for your children to play and be carefree. Even the house you’re thinking of shifting in should be considered only if it’s child friendly.


Involve your kids:

After you’ve narrowed down a few properties, take your children along with you to visit the places. Explore the neighbourhood with them, have lunch nearby and ask their opinion. There may be things that you’ve overlooked which your children may remind you of. It’ll help you decide your home and also prepare the young children for the move.

Time and patience are vital in the whole house-hunting process. Paying attention to every single detail is necessary to confirm the house is the right one for your family. The location, basic amenities, security etc. are essential in determining whether the house will be the dream home or not.


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