A guide to making your new home more welcoming!

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  2. A guide to making your new home more welcoming! By Affinity

Do you know? Your 3bhk luxury flats in Zirakpur are nearing the possession. We hope that you are as excited to come to your new home as we are excited to deliver it to you! With the Concrete and Green Habitat, Affinity Greens has a welcoming vibe that gives an unmatched feeling of grandeur through their contemporary living spaces. But for us, things don’t end here. Each one of our owners is important to us and to help them make their home look warmer, welcoming, and beautiful, we feel, is our duty too. Here is something that you can do to make your new luxury flats in Zirakpur at Affinity Greens, a warm, welcoming, and cozy haven:


Let the Natural Sunlight find room-

The natural light from the sun balances the body’s hormones and increases endorphins and serotonin. Sunlight is the source of Vitamin D and it elevates the mood instantly and can also give the home a warm and welcoming feel. Not only sunlight helps to brighten up the room but research has shown that sunlight and Vitamin D has helped to cure depressive symptoms too. Sunlight helps the internal clock of the body synchronize with nature and makes you feel connected to the universe. Fill your space with natural sunlight and make it brighter and welcoming just in seconds!,/p>


Keep only the essentials,/p>

“Our physical environments significantly influence our cognition, emotions and subsequent behaviours, including our relationships with others”, as mentioned in newsGP Blog. Clutter is bad for your brain and it really steals your time, money and space altogether. It is important that we keep our homes less occupied and decluttered and buy only those things that are necessary. Try to make your life simpler. Have only those things that are important. Be minimalist, be happy with less. Having only the important things will give your home a sense of space and fulfilment. “If you’re more comfortable with having less, you’re less likely to desire more. In this sense, a simple life with the bare essentials can help us to free ourselves from the force that material possessions exert on our lives”, as mentioned in De Farjenary Blog.

Embellish interior spaces

Embellishing the interior spaces plays an important role in making the house look more welcoming and it also gives it a unique vibe. If you decorate your interior spaces with house plants there is nothing better than that because these plants will not only improve the air quality of the house but will also beautify it. Not just this, keeping household plants have positive impacts on your health too. As per research, it sharpens the focus of the mind as well. You can use lilies or orchids and can give your home a more positive and happier feel with a lot less.

Place your favourite artwork on the wall,/p>

“Art is a language meant to speak the things that can’t be said.” - John Demarco,


Express yourself with your most favourite artwork. Hang your favourite artwork made by your favourite artist or make one. A piece of art has the power to cheer you and it also evokes powerful emotions. An artwork can give your house a fresh vibe within minutes. You can also hang your favourite photographs. It will help your guests to establish a deeper connection with you and share life’s greatest moments through the photograph. Artwork will help you set the tone of the house right and make it feel friendlier.


Make it cozy and comfy with Furniture

Sofa with elements like pillows and blankets make the home look more welcoming and cozy. You can make changes to your present furniture and buy new furniture to give your home a different ambiance or you can change the placement of the Sofa to make the home look more spacious and comfortable. Pillows with different colours, shapes, and sizes make the home and sitting area often look more welcoming, cozy, and comfy. Play as your heart says and customize it as per your convenience because the home that feels cozy and comfortable to you will probably feel warm and welcoming to guests too!


Tip: Try to choose furniture that will enhance the space in the house, is comfortable, and serves the purpose of utility.


Paint it your way

Painting a room is like giving a new life to it. Painting it with your favourite colour will fill you with energy and positivity. It is an excellent way to give your home a fresh and clean look. Not only it will give the house a new look but it will protect the surface of your home from getting damaged too. You can play with different colours and create a contrast as well.


A home not just gives you shelter, it gives you infinite opportunities to enjoy your life with your loved ones in the best manner possible. Your hard-earned money deserves a space where you can make memories and cherish them in the times to come. Our 2, 3 and 4BHK Apartments in Zirakpur for sale at Affinity Greens are designed to give you the taste of luxury at affordable prices possible. With excellent location and various options to choose from, Affinity Greens is worth investing in. A project that is nearing possession, offering luxury homes with all the bells and whistles!

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