What you should purchase a commercial shop in a residential project?

  1. 24 Nov
  2. What you should purchase a commercial shop in a residential project? By Affinity

Buying commercial shops has always been as beneficial as buying Real Estate. With time the value of the asset increases, also you can get a good amount of rent from both of these and it can be your consistent and passive source of income. If you plan to buy Commercial Shops in Zirakpur, Affinity Group brings you commercial shops that are in the project itself. The biggest lesson that one can learn from these Corona times is that "Security must become our greatest priority". The ravaging power of time is no longer left unknown to anyone. In such times and in the coming times, Commercial property ensures consistent cash flow without much effort on your part.


 Opportunity to Grow


Commercial property, especially Commercial shops at Affinity Greens gives you an incredible opportunity to grow financially. More than half of the residential project is sold out even before the completion of the project. This highly demonstrates the trust that people have for the Affinity group and their projects. You can imagine the benefit that you will get buying a commercial property that has nearby customers in the form of residents, a commercial property that is located on the most sought out locations in Zirakpur coming from one of the most trusted builders!


Location that sells


One of the other important things that are to be considered while buying Commercial Shops in Zirakpur or elsewhere, is Location. A not so good shop with an excellent location can do wonders, on the other hand, an extremely good commercial project in a bad location can ruin your investment. When it comes to Commercial shops at Affinity Greens, these are located on the PR-7 airport road Zirakpur, a 200 ft. wide that is the lifeline of Tricity. It is a road that has the most number of residential projects if you look around. You can imagine how bright will be the future of commercial projects on such a road that has people living nearby. Not only this, but the location is also near the National Highway. Investing here gives you a lucky chance to make the lives of the nearby residents convenient and your life financially sound and secure!


High rental rates as compared to Residential properties


Are looking forward to make an Investment? Then here is a tip for you! Try to Invest in commercial property! Why? Because commercial property offers better returns as compared to the Residential property.  Another tip that will help you to make the process of buying a commercial property easy and worthwhile is that you can pay the loan for the purchased property with the amount of rent that you will be receiving every month. You just have to take the first step i.e. to come and visit Affinity Greens and make your mind.


Tax benefits 


Investing in Real Estate commercial property will help you save on taxes in many ways. As for another sort of investment like investing in stocks, it becomes difficult to get such benefits. Not only you can save tax on Residential property but you can save tax on Commercial property as well because both are categorized under ‘income from house property.’ Feel the financial freedom with Affinity's best commercial shops in Zirakpur!


Property Appreciation


Not only investing in these best commercial shops in Zirakpur will help you get monthly rent but it is an investment that will remain fruitful in the years to come as it will give extremely good returns on selling. It is not at all unreliable like stocks. It is an investment that you can rely on and will surely give you better returns comparing to the amount that you will invest today.


Sow the seed of the Golden tomorrow, today! This passive source of income will give you a sense of stability in your life so you can make better decisions and become busy in enjoying life and revel in the financial freedom that the owning of commercial property promises.


Welcome to the Golden Future!

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