A quick guide to apartment gardening

  1. 12 Oct
  2. A quick guide to apartment gardening By Affinity

As green outdoor spaces are getting shrunk in urban areas, most home buyers these days prefer homes that not only have open spaces and greenery within the residential complex but also have ample space to build mini garden within the apartment.


Homebuyers have become aware that structures that are built in harmony with nature provide healthy living spaces, so the demand for environment-friendly projects is on the rise. So, when you buy a flat in Zirakpur from a renowned developer, you can expect to live in the lap of nature amid the concrete jungle.


Gardening in an apartment can be a bit of a challenge but if you start small and choose the right plants, you'll have a mini garden in your abode in no time.


Here are some ideas and tips to make sure that you have green space in your apartment round-the-year.


Picking out a location

One of the major reasons why home gardens fail is that plants do not get sufficient natural sunlight. Therefore, it is most important to choose a spot with as much sun exposure as possible. While we may be tempted to get beautiful flowering or lush green indoor plants, but it is vital to check the natural conditions and the overall climate of the place where we live in. Most fruiting and flowering plants require a full day of sunshine i.e. six to eight hours of direct Sun. This can be possible on a balcony or a rooftop.


Slow & Steady

Growing plants require a lot of attention and care, therefore it is prudent to test your skills and natural setting before filling up your balcony. Going slow is the key as you hone your gardening skills. Start with just a few planters and expand your garden as plants grow and so does your confidence.


Pets and plants

You need to be extra cautious if you have pets at home. Dogs and cats getting obsessed with a new garden are normal – either for smell or for a taste! However, this attraction can have unwanted consequences, as some plants are toxic to pets. Also, you need to be cautious while using pesticides.


What to grow

It is always advisable to match the plants with your lifestyle. Some plants need high maintain, while some are low maintenance plants. If you travel frequently then you should opt for succulents, which require very less watering. Beginners can never go wrong with plants such as snake plants, jade plants and aloe vera, which require very little maintenance. Jumping into any new hobby can be overwhelming but you adopt slow & steady approach to realize the dream of a thriving balcony.


Some of the edible plants that can grow well in pots include

Herbs: Corriander, mint, oregano and parsley etc.

Fruits: Citrus fruits, strawberry, cherry

Vegetables: Salads such as lettuce, green leafy vegetables – spinach, fenugreek, tomato, cherry tomato.


Each plant is different and has different watering requirements. As you go along building your balcony garden in your 4 BHK in Zirakpur, you need to be prepared for fine-tuning. You need to protect your plants from strong wind and harsh sunny spots. As you explore among the flats for sale in Zirakpur to build your dream abode, look for an option that gives you ample scope to bring nature inside.

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