What makes ABP Group the Best Real Estate Builders in Zirakpur?

  1. 30 Jun
  2. What makes ABP Group the Best Real Estate Builders in Zirakpur? By Affinity

To be the best, a person or a thing has to be the best in every aspect. When it comes to the Field of Real Estate, every aspect of the builder is counted. Anyone can claim to be the best builder of the region with words but when it comes to practicality there are very few best builders in Tricity that changed & revolutionize the living style. It takes years of trust commitment, quality of construction and delivery on time & various other factors that make a builder stand out of the crowd. Affinity Builders & Promoters believe that the relation between a builder & a customer must always remain & builder should make the lives of homeowners better with time & in turn customer with their genuine reviews help the builder to improve more & more. Our commitment to timely delivery, the quality of Construction & the trust of the public we have gained over the years has helped us stand among some of the best Builders in Tricity.


Here are some factors that make us one of the best real estate builders in Zirakpur.


On-time Delivery- we believe that word is a word. Our promises are fulfilled whatever may happen. We know how it feels not to get something on time especially something that you have owned with your life’s earnings. Getting the right home at the right time brings a feeling of joy that is unmatched.  Affinity Builders & Promoters ensure that one gets the delivery of his dream home on time!


Construction-Quality Not only the Infrastructure or the visible things, but attention is paid to everything that is going to be used in the project. Whether it’s the quality of a Handle door or the quality of construction or even using the best of the materials, we don’t take a step back so the luxury & quality may take a step further.


Hard Work – As the saying goes ‘Hard work pays off we believe in it fully. There is no alternative to hard work. As builders & promoters, we are blessed that our hard work in every project has paid off in the best of ways, in the way of 'Satisfaction of our customers.’


Customer satisfaction- Customer satisfaction is the factor that drives us. It is important when we build homes when you buy it and even when you are living in it. Matching the world standards of living & fulfilling the expectations of future owners goes hand in hand.


Debt-Free Projects All the projects undertaken by ABP Group are completely debt & loan-free. Our strategic & competent financial planning has helped us completed our projects & on time.


Transparency- To us, transparency is as important as everything else. For us, it is all about staying true and real to its customers, clients, and other associates for long relationships. ABP tries to keep everything open & this made the public trust in us & we do everything to keep that trust up at all costs.


ABP's journey has started long ago & in this journey, we have delivered a lot of projects & gained the love & support of our valuable customers. The journey of forever started with ‘Alliance Homes’ that gained popularity for being one of its kind apartments in Zirakpur. Another benchmark in the field of Real Estate was ABP’s 'Venezia Floors' offering luxury that can be afforded by the middle class, offering an exquisite modern living experience and promises the best to the customer both in terms of quality and value. Then ‘The Eminence’ offering unbounded luxury Unlimited-Luxury on NH-22, Delhi-Chandigarh Express Highway became the talk of the town. With Affinity Greens’ concrete green habitat on the most sought out location i.e. PR-7 Airport Road, Zirakpur Affinity Builders & Promoters are again set out to revolutionize the way of living.

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