Keeping Your Kids Happy & Entertained at Home While Practising Social Distancing.

  1. 25 Apr
  2. Keeping Your Kids Happy & Entertained at Home While Practising Social Distancing. By Affinity Greens

As the saying goes 'Amidst chaos lies opportunity', At this moment of chaos, there are a lot of options to entertain your kids, and also the golden opportunity to improve yourself and your young one. Maintaining the social distance is the need of the hour, so why don’t make this time productive. One of the biggest concerns today is how to keep oneself occupied and entertained. Here are some tips & tricks to get yourself & your kids happy & entertained at home while practising Social Distancing.


Television & Productivity

One of the affordable, easiest & best source of entertainment during Social distancing is Television. You and your young ones can watch hundreds of entertainment channels on television. In the era of smart TV’s, one can watch anything existing on the planet from different sources like Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime & from existing cable channels. You can make toddlers learn Alphabets from Youtube. You can make your young ones learn Numbers & tables Because there are too many videos on the internet that make the children learn along with entertaining them. It will help the child in improving his Academic performance thus improving his confidence & personality in the future. When it comes to you, You can watch your favourite TV-Series or a movie that you have always wanted to watch but didn’t got the time. The time has come!

Read Books & Comics

Books are a magical source of passing time by immersing oneself in the world of hero if you are a drama lover Or in the world of Poesy if you are a lover of poetry. The time has come when you can read the Novel that you left pending, to make the hero reach conclusion. You can also manage your bookshelf during this time by placing books in an orderly manner. When it comes to the young one you can give your children a good piece of Comic to make his Imagination run. ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ as Albert Einstein says, And research has proved that Comic Books & stories add colours to one’s Imagination.


Art and Craft

Art & Craft is tried & tested way of leading a happy & fulfilling life. It is the best way to escape time most productively. It includes everything starting from Poetry, sketching, painting & writing stories. It is the most productive way of relieving stress and develop the creative side of the brain. You can give your young one colours and a white paper & let them draw their world of imagination onto a blank sheet. It will boost their creativity & help them reduce their stress as they are not allowed to get out and play during this Pandemic.


Share Secrets of The Universe

As you have ample time now you can nourish young ones physically, mentally & spiritually by giving the knowledge of various fields. You can make them acquaint with spiritual leaders & gurus and make them lead a spiritually fulfilled life in the times to come. You have the time to make your children acquaint with your culture & heritage by telling them the stories of ancestors. Also, you have the time to practice yoga and lead an emotionally & spiritually fulfilled life. In the evening you can sit in your balcony and enjoy the hues of sunset along with the chirping of birds to soothe your soul as staying home regularly may make you feel stressed. Make your children spend some time in open-air whether in the verandah or on the rooftop.


Indoor Games

You can play indoor games with you, children, like Chess, Ludo, puzzle, Treasure hunt & even Hide & Seek as young ones love to play it. Although there are play station’s & mobile games available but these video games have adverse effects on the mental health of the young ones. Everything is bad in excess, if you and your young one know the art of playing mobile games for a fixed time, like few minutes in a day, it will, on the other hand, improve your and your young ones mental capabilities especially concentration and focus level.


We don’t want to say that, these times of social distance repeat, But one thing we genuinely wish & that is you, your other half & young one spend time at you future home in Affinity Greens that are considered one of the top class Flats on PR-7 Airport Road. We wish that you may spend your time here not bounded by the pandemic but after coming from the office, with a cup of coffee in your hands at the balcony with a scenic views amazing sunset Though some precious things may not be reserved for you after the pandemic, one thing is sure luxury will still be reserved for you at Massive 4BHK Flats in Zirakpur at Affinity Greens on the Golden Road PR-7. Good times are round the corner!

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