Why visiting a sample flat is important?

  1. 08 Aug
  2. Why visiting a sample flat is important? By Affinity Greens

With an increase in population, there has been an increasing demand of flats and apartments. Developers in cities like Chandigarh, New Delhi & Gurugram are coming up with attractive housing projects and are also offering benefits. To showcase their potential customers with a look and feel of their project, builders have developed the concept of Sample Flats. Affinity Greens which is offering Luxury 2, 3 & 4 Luxury BHK Flats in Zirakpur is ready with its 4BHK Sample Flat. If you are looking to buy an apartment, we recommend that you should visit a sample flat. Here are the 3 reasons as to why you should visit a sample flat.

Helps you make a decision about a property.

If you have almost finalised a decision to buy a property of a particular builder, visiting a sample flat gives you a vision of your future apartment. Every person has a desire to have a dream home of their own and visiting a sample flat just makes them live a virtual reality. Making this visit helps you arrive at a concrete decision about buying the property or not.

Gives a reality check on the percentage of the project completed.

A question which every potential apartment buyer is that how soon will they get possession of their home? When you go to see a sample flat, you can make a self assessment in terms of the percentage of the work done on the project by the builder. Affinity Builders and Promoters, the developers of Affinity Greens enjoy a strong reputation of delivering their projects in the stipulated time to their customers. Their earlier projects like The Eminence, Zirakpur were delivered to their respective customers in record time.

You get ideas for interior design and decor.

Sample flats are so designed that they give the customer a real-time feel of a home. To impress their customers, most builders design the interiors of their sample flats very beautifully. Customers who visit these sample apartments, can get a lot of interior decor and design ideas which they can incorporate in their soon-to-be-home.

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