Unpacking Made Easy

  1. 10 Jun
  2. Unpacking Made Easy By Affinity Greens

Moving to your new place already can be a task in itself. From researching and consulting a real estate company, selling your old home, finding a new one and everything else in between, it gets too much of a hassle to handle. And it gets a little overwhelming to then unpack in your new home. With us at Affinity greens, offering not just Luxury Flats in Zirakpur, but also overall assistance for you to curb all your needs.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind, that would help you get a smooth unpacking experience:


- Pack Only What You Need

Most of your unpacking depends on how you pack. Keep in mind while packing, to sort out the items and divide them categories of three; What you need to keep, what needs to be sold and what needs to be tossed. You must only bring items in the first category to your new place and your unpacking will go smooth as butter.


-Make an Essentials Bag

while unpacking can take up a few days, you must prepare an essentials bag for each family member with toiletries, snacks, medicines, a few sets of clothing items or any other essentials you might end up needing. It saves up a lot of your time as won’t want to dig through boxes to find.


-Label Your Boxes

It’s a smooth road once you know what’s in the box before you open it. Also, ensure you label each box with the contents and the room where it needs to be placed in your new home. When unloading, you must ensure that the labeled boxes get placed into the right rooms to make unpacking an easy experience for you.


-Unpack What You Need, First

Keep in mind, whatever room you plan onto unpacking for first, find the most relevant and important items first and then place them where you wish them to go. This not only saves time but also ensures unnecessary chaos that occurs if mixing of stuff and room arrangement takes place.


We at Affinity, offering 3bhk & 4bhk Flats in Zirakpur hope it’s a smooth and seamless unpacking experience just a step away for you now.

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